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Clinical Trials


iTomography developed, tested, and patented iTomoLT a reconstruction technique based on Local Tomography (LT).   iTomoLT is designed to address limitations in current CT reconstruction techniques when high density objects limit diagnostic yield.

Proof of Concept Trial at Memorial Hermann Hospital
iTomoLT derives from intellectual property contained within a validated portfolio of patents under the exclusive license from the University of Central Florida (UCF).  In particular, US Patents 8,611,631 (2013), 8,929,637 (2015), and 9,042,626 (2015) cover the core iTomoLT technology and its applications.  An IRB-approved clinical trial at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center in Houston focused on cardiac applications and demonstrated excellent anatomic detail and potential improvements over conventional reconstruction methods in the critical ability to see through calcified plaque and delineate the differences in contrast.  


Extended Population Trial with the National Institutes of Health


iTomography conducted an extended population validation trial for cardiac applications in collaboration with the NIH’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and Toshiba.  The study involves comparing iTomoLT reconstructions against conventional images and against coronary angiographic data, providing a robust pathway for refinement of our technologies.  Initial reviews of the trial results indicate that iTomoLT’s capabilities might specifically address limitations in current CT reconstruction techniques when high density objects limit diagnostic yield.  This includes but is not limited to smaller stents (where traditional CT often is problematic), heavily calcified vessels, and devices (e.g., valve/Amplatz/LVAD imaging).  We also envision iTomoLT augmenting the conventional imaging to increase diagnostic reliability of low radiation dose CT scans.  A joint NHLBI-iTomography-Toshiba paper titled “Diagnostic Accuracy of a Novel Hybrid Local Tomography Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Evaluating Coronary Arteries with Calcified Plaque and Stents” will be presented at the 10th Annual Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas in July 2015.

Neuroimaging Trial with UTHealth


iTomography conducted an IRB-approved clinical study of new iTomography CT imaging products for neuroimaging applications in collaboration with the Department of Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) lesion reconstructed with iTomoLT.

Coronary stent image reconstructed

with iTomoLT.

Please click here for a list of selected publications.  A complete list of iTomography's software and patent portfolio is available upon request.


We look forward to working with equipment manufacturers to efficiently implement and deploy iTomography’s current and future CT imaging software solutions on their scanners to address the needs of clinicians and patients worldwide.

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