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Recognition and Awards


iTomography's technologies have been recognized by the global medical and industrial CT community.

October 2016 – iTomography is proud to announce that Prof. Alexander Katsevich, iTomography’s CTO, won The 2016 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for his work in customizing the Katsevich Algorithm for fast helical scanning of whole tree logs in collaboration with the Italian imaging equipment manufacturer Microtec, whose CEO Federico Giudiceandrea is a co-recipient of this prestigious prize.  The recipients will receive the award from the King of Sweden at a ceremony in Stockholm this October.


Through collaboration with iTomography and by utilizing our proprietary 3D image reconstruction technologies, Microtec was empowered to design and build an industry-leading whole tree log CT scanner, which produces high quality images and has throughput of 180 meters/minute, to keep pace with modern sawing lines. This industry recognition is a strong example of how commercial collaboration between iTomography and CT equipment manufacturers can result in great technical achievements and competitive advantages. (Click here for full press release.)

iTomography Katsevich CT helical

Prof. Alexander Katsevich, iTomography's CTO (left),  and His Majesty the King of Sweden (right).

MWP Symposium 2016

"How to Speed Up CT Scanning"

Lecture given by Prof. Alexander Katsevich, iTomography CTO, at the 2016 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium held in Stockholm on October 11, 2016.

Related Publication:

"A Reconstruction Algorithm is a Key Enabling Technology for a New Ultrafast CT Scanner" by F. Giudiceandrea, A. Katsevich, and E. Ursella, SIAM News, November 1, 2016.

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