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Industrial CT Imaging Software


iTomography currently offers the following software for industrial applications such as non-destructive testing, security, geology, and others.  Our software is customizable for any source trajectory (e.g., helical, step-and-shoot, and others) and any scale (from industrial size to microtomography).

Filtered Back Projection Based Reconstruction


Filtered Back Projection (FBP) algorithms are suited for applications where an image needs to be reconstructed accurately and in near real-time.  iTomography’s CTO, Prof. Alexander Katsevich, made a revolutionary breakthrough in CT imaging by developing the first fast and exact 3D image reconstruction algorithm (“Katsevich Algorithm”).  Advances inspired by this result are utilized in the vast majority of 3D scanners deployed today by OEMs in the medical industry, and iTomography continues to be on the cutting edge of FBP reconstruction.

iTomography offers an optimized CUDA-based version of the iTomoKFBP helical CT image reconstruction software based on the theoretically exact Katsevich algorithm, including a near real-time version that works in parallel with scanning and a multi-GPU off-scanner version.  iTomoFDK, CUDA-based circular CT image reconstruction software is available as well.  Temporary trial versions are available upon request.

Image reconstruction examples can be found below

Iterative Reconstruction

While iterative reconstruction (IR) takes longer to perform than non-iterative reconstruction (e.g., FBP), it can overcome a wide variety of imperfections in the scan, such as incomplete source trajectory, data truncation, low signal-to-noise ratio, and others.  The industry utilizes a number of IR approaches, and iTomography’s IR algorithm employs a statistical approach for improved modeling of noise and system geometry.


Local Tomography - iTomoLT


iTomography developed, tested, and patented iTomoLT, a reconstruction technique based on Local Tomography (LT).  iTomoLT is an image reconstruction modality designed to enhance edges present in small cracks, voids, and other defects in machine parts that might not be well imaged by conventional techniques.  iTomoLT is very convenient in that it does not require irradiating the entire object, but only the region of interest.  Our technology is also very computationally efficient.


CT Data Processing and Image Enhancement


iTomography possesses a spectrum of pre- and post- image reconstruction software essential for improving the performance and reliability of CT imaging workflows.  Our scatter correction solution improves the performance of image reconstruction algorithms. Then during post-image reconstruction, we can perform additional denoising in the image domain, deblurring, artifact reduction, and other image enhancements.

Examples from Internal Product Development and Successfully Completed

Projects for Customers

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Exact reconstruction.jpg

Defrise Phantom

Circular MicroCT scan image reconstruction using the FDK algorithm

iTomo theoretically exact image reconstruction.

Exact reconstruction_2.jpg

Circular MicroCT scan image reconstruction using the FDK algorithm

Theoretically exact image reconstruction using iTomography's Circle-and-Line algorithm

A slice and 3D view of the shale core vo

A slice and 3D view of the shale rock core volume reconstructed with iTomoKFBP software


MicroCT imaging results for a rock core sample: Circular FDK reconstruction (left, cone-beam artifacts are seen at the top and bottom of the sample), and iTomography theoretically exact artifact-free reconstruction of the same core (right).

MECT Material Decomposition in Sinogram

Multi-Energy CT (MECT) Material Decomposition in Sinogram Domain performed using

iTomoMECT Software.

Please click here for a list of selected publications.  A complete list of iTomography's software and patent portfolio is available upon request.


We look forward to working with equipment manufacturers to efficiently implement and deploy iTomography’s current and future CT imaging software solutions on their scanners to address the needs of clinicians and patients worldwide.

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