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Custom Scanner Development

iTomography works with companies wanting to utilize CT-based imaging technologies to address their specific challenges and application needs. We support our customers at any stage of the product lifecycle – from feasibility analysis, to proof-of-concept prototyping, to building and delivering commercial scanner systems.

Custom Imaging System Design and Development


  • Optimization of imaging system design and algorithm performance to satisfy clients’ technical requirements

  • Design and build new CT scanning system prototypes

  • Deliver commercial grade CT scanning systems that address our customers specific needs

  • Provide continuous post-product delivery technical support and technology improvement

R&D Support

  • Develop new algorithms and workflows requested by customers

  • Support the development of new medical and industrial CT-based imaging applications

  • Perform proof-of-concept and feasibility studies using synthetic and raw data

  • Design and perform complex scanning experiments

  • Process experimental datasets and perform image reconstructions

  • Provide continuous post product delivery technical support and technology improvement

Please let iTomography know about your imaging challenges, and we will help you determine if and how they can be solved with CT or other X-ray based solution. 


Please click here for a list of selected publications.

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