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iTomography provides Computed Tomography (CT) algorithms, software, and scanner development services. Our proprietary 3D imaging products are used by CT and microCT scanner manufacturers and end-users of CT scanners to improve image quality, reduce or eliminate artifacts, accelerate image reconstruction, and decrease scan time.

iTomography’s motto “From Theoretical Breakthroughs to Industry Adoption” derives from our track record of harnessing mathematical breakthroughs to develop practical solutions to complex imaging problems posed by our customers.

In the medical sector, iTomography’s mission is to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with breakthrough solutions that increase diagnostic quality and certainty of CT imaging and lead to improved patient care around the world. 

In the industrial sector, iTomography offers OEMs in many industries innovative high-performance algorithms and software solutions applying 3D CT imaging to non-destructive testing, security, geology, and other applications.  Our technologies are or may be utilized to image the inside of complex industrial parts, rock cores, luggage, lumber (wood logs), and other objects.

iTomography cost-effectively delivers practical solutions to medical and industrial CT and other X-ray based imaging problems posed by OEMs as well as end-users of CT instruments. iTomography can support a successful product lifecycle – from concept to deployment.

Custom Scanner Development

iTomography works with companies wanting to utilize CT-based imaging technologies to address their specific challenges and application needs. We support our customers at any stage of the product lifecycle – from feasibility analysis, to proof-of-concept prototyping, to building and delivering commercial scanner systems.

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"How to Speed Up CT Scanning"

Lecture given by Prof. Alexander Katsevich, iTomography CTO.

News Highlights

February 2024: iTomography initiates collaboration with Tracerco in the area of CT-based non-intrusive subsea pipeline inspection of both unpiggable and piggable coated and uncoated subsea pipelines to help oil and gas operators detect flow assurance issues and ensure asset integrity. 

October 2023: iTomography CTO, Prof. Alexander Katsevich included in a list of the top 2% of researchers in the world by in a recent article published by a Stanford research group

August 2023: iTomoKFBP helical image reconstruction software licensed by a major international CT equipment manufacturer for NDT, metrology, and other applications. Trial licenses are available upon request.

March 2023: iTomography awarded NSF SBIR Phase 1 Grant to continue strategic development of a novel scanner for rock core imaging and Digital Rock Physics applications for the Oil and Gas sector in collaboration with a major oil company.

March 2023: iTomography to present results of collaboration with Canon Medical in a joint paper "Node-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm for Cardiac CT Imaging" at the 17th International Fully3D Conference (July 2023). Download here.

August 2022: USPTO issued iTomography  patent on “Motion Estimation and Compensation in Cone Beam CT (CBCT)”. This patent covers breakthrough work by iTomography in the area of 4D CBCT that has been licensed by a major radiation therapy equipment manufacturer and will expand the applicability and decrease side-effects of radiation therapy. Link.

July 2022 - Software Release - New versions of both iTomoFDK (ver. 06.04) and iTomoKFBP (ver. 08.02) CT data processing and image reconstruction software packages for circular and helical scanning, respectively, released. The software is actively used by major international end-users of microCT scanners. Temporary trial versions are available upon request

May 2022: iTomography successfully completed an extensive feasibility study with a major Oil Company of a novel scanner for rock core imaging and Digital Rock Physics applications. Next phase of development is ongoing.


January 2022: iTomography initiated a joint project with an engineering firm to develop a novel CT scanner for mining applications.

December 2021 - iTomography renewed multi-year technology co-development agreements with two major international medical imaging CT equipment manufacturers

August 2021 - iTomography presented joint paper with Aramco "Multi-Energy X-Ray Computed Tomography for Source Rock Characterization" at the 2021 Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting. Download here.

March 2021 - iTomography CT image reconstruction, multi-energy material decomposition (MECT), and scatter correction software packages licensed by two major oil companies.

August 2020 - iTomography presented two joint papers at the 2020 CT Meeting - 6th International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography (Aug. 2020).  One paper will demonstrate results of iTomography's development for Rapiscan (leading security scanner manufacturer) and one for Varian (leading radiotherapy equipment manufacturer).

April 2020 - iTomography and Canon obtain USPTO approval of a joint Patent: "System and Method for Motion Estimation Using Artificial Intelligence in Helical Computed Tomography".

December 2017 - Dr. Michael Frenkel, iTomography President & CEO, presented at the 2017 SPWLA Houston Chapter Software Show on the topic of "iTomography’s Disruptive MicroCT 3D Image Reconstruction Workflows and Software for Digital Rock Applications" and demonstrated the iTomo® CT imaging platform.

January 2017 – Bruker and iTomography Corporation entered into a multi-year license agreement for iTomography's patented technology and software for performing CT imaging using theoretically exact image reconstruction algorithm iTomo®. In the near-term, exact helical reconstruction will be available on number of SkyScan™ instruments produced by Bruker microCT. Click here for more.

We look forward to working with equipment manufacturers to jointly identify avenues for collaboration and efficiently deploy breakthrough imaging solutions for CT and other X-ray based imaging modalities.

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